Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Other Creative Endeavors - Stitching

I have been crafting for many years and I have created projects in several different mediums.  I thought I would share some photos of my past work.  I used to do a lot of stitching including ribbon embroidery, hardanger, cross stitch and crazy quilt embroidery.  I hope you enjoy seeing my stitched creations. 
This was the only hardanger design that I kept for myself.  My sister loves hardanger, so all of the other projects went to her for Christmas and birthday gifts.  She likes do make hardanger pieces too.

This is one of my cross stitch pieces.  It has beadwork in it as well.  It is hard to tell, but I have used some hand-dyed threads in this one.  Those are my favorite types of thread.  I have a really large stash of these special fibers.  Some day I will use them again.  I keep this framed piece on one of my crafting shelves. 

This cuff bracelet was my first felting endeavor.  I felted the wool (which is a wet and messy process) and added tons of beading, embroidery and a little ribbonwork.  I am sure some people wear pieces this large, but not me, so it sits as a decoration on a shelf.  Once in awhile I think I should take it apart and use the beautiful Swarovski beads in something more practical, but so far it I have not been able to cut it.


This is a ribbon embroidery towel that I made many years ago. It features my favorite flower, the lupine. I made tons of these for Christmas gifts over the years. Once, my husband tried to wipe something up with this towel. You can't clean things with beautiful, hand stitched towels!  Yikes!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of stitched projects.  I have kept all of my fibers because some day I will have time to stitch again - I am sure of it!  My next post will show the jewelry that I make, so stop back by.


  1. Wow Jennifer so beautiful your so creative x

  2. your first piece (Hardanger) looks very like the pieces produced in Cyprus and often known as Lefkara Lace. Do you know where it originated?

    1. I researched Lefkara Lace a little and it looks like exactly the same technique. In America, we call it Hardanger Embroidery. According to my books, the Hardanger name comes from Norway. Very interesting!