Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2014 Tim Holtz Tag

A month has gone by already so it is time for the next tag for Tim Holtz's tags for 2014.  Visit Tim's blog for explanations on the techniques he used for his tag.  As usual, my tag is quite a bit different than the inspiration tag.  I improvised several different components since I didn't have all of the supplies.  I hope you can see the resemblence.

Tim's tag was made with a heart stencil, but since I don't have one, I used a tiny heart stamp and I stamped the hearts individually.  I added crystal lacquer to give them the shine that Tim added by using embossing powder.  The kraft tag absorbed the ink too quickly so I couldn't emboss them.  The nice red color faded a little too, but pink hearts work just as well as red ones.

I was also missing the stamp that he used to stamp the white on the black background.  I did use his embossing powder and chalk technique though.  It really does look like a chalkboard.

I felt like my chalkboard element was a little too small for the tag, so I added a chipboard frame under it.  It was a piece from a Halloween set, so it needed work.  I decorated part of it with washi tape and then inked it with worn lipstick distress ink.

I needed a red sparkly heart, so I made my own red glitter using red dylusions ink and rock candy rock glitter.  I covered a heart shaped piece of chipboard with crystal glaze and then added my new red glitter.  It looks a little chunky, but I like it.

Tim's tag has a silver metal border sticker at the bottom.  Once I attached the sticker, it had more adhesive on the part that sticks out under the tag.  A little trick I use for problems like this is to coat the adhesive with baby powder.  Then it doesn't stick to anything.
I finished the tag off with a silver pen nib, in lieu of the silver arrow, and a little ribbon and lace for the top.  I enjoy seeing all of the different tags that people submit to Tim's site. 

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